Sandy Lane . . . even mere mention of its name alone conjures up images of serene style in a gloriously exotic setting.

But the new Sandy Lane is much more - a complete resort, where you can be as active or relaxed as you wish; a romantic retreat for those seeking seclusion, a haven of tranquility for couples, or the perfect location for families who desire the finest holiday experience with the widest possible choice of leisure options. This is the place where memories are made . . . in paradise.

Copy for Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados.

Remember the tune "I'm going well, I'm going Shell" and "You can be sure of Shell, Shell, Shell . . ."?

In the Fifties and Sixties these were the jingles used in Shell's TV advertisements - and they were as familiar to British viewers then as those for certain beer brands are now!

Examples of advertising campaigns from an even earlier era can be viewed by visiting the Shell Art Collection.

Today, our marketing strategy has a different emphasis, but one thing is certain: you can be just as sure of Shell in the 21st Century as you ever were.

With more than 60 years' experience, no other fuel company in the world can demonstrate a greater commitment to the development and manufacture of the finest possible products.

We invite you to join us on a journey down memory lane, from the earliest days of fuel research to the present time in Pioneers in Fuel Quality.

Much of this work was carried out in the north west of England at what was formerly known as the Thornton Research Centre. This is now the Cheshire Innovation Park, the UK base of Shell Global Research, one of the world's leading centres for research and development of oil products.

Travel back to the darkest days of the Second World War, with the building of an aero-engine laboratory at Thornton, in 60 Years of Fuel Development, and discover how Shell made vital contributions to the war effort.

Copy for Shell Fuels Development web site.

You've finished your GCSEs and you're waiting expectantly for the results to come out.

Whatever the outcome, good or not-so-good, you aren't sure if you want to stay on at school for another couple of years - or say goodbye to education once and for all, and look for a job.

Well, the good news is that there are alternative options available to you in Hertfordshire . . .

Copy for combined Hertfordshire colleges' brochure.

Owners and regular visitors to Parque da Floresta will probably know him best as Pedro the Barman.

He is usually seen serving in the Spike Bar or O Parque restaurant. But when he's not working at the resort, 28-year-old Pedro likes nothing better than to "fish for his supper".

It all began when he was just 3 years old and his father Antonio made a special rod and reel for him.

"My father showed me how to fish and introduced me to the best spots in the area," he says. "We went out regularly until I reached my early teens - and then I took up a different hobby!"

But Pedro never forgot how much he enjoyed fishing in the clear blue waters not far from Parque da Floresta and at the age of 16, he started again.

Now, he regularly goes fishing in the mornings and on his days off, spending an average of about 16 hours a week at the water's edge.
This is coastal fishing at its very best - sea bream, golden bream and sea bass are all waiting to be landed.

Often, he has to cast his line no more than 100 metres from the shore; such is the rich harvest to be found here, especially on Castelejo beach.

"This is the main area but there are many other small beaches and coves where the fishing is good," says Pedro. "Sometimes I even swim out to small islands around the coast to fish."

There are other places too, but these are a well-guarded secret between Pedro and his friends who often swap secret information with one another about fishing "hotspots".

Extract from article published in Parque Life magazine.

Welcome to Elegant Hotels, a unique collection of six elegant properties beautifully situated in the sun-soaked islands of the Caribbean.

All our hotels offer stunning locations - either right on the beachfront or overlooking the sea with panoramic views - stylish ambience, an excellent range of cuisine to suit all tastes, and the sort of relaxed, friendly service that is so typical of the area.

Yet each one is distinctly different from the rest. Choose from lively hotels with a wide range of activities and leisure pursuits, or intimate retreats more appealing to those seeking peaceful seclusion and relaxation.

With a dedicated staff committed to ensuring that your stay is a memorable one, Elegant Hotels will provide you with the perfect Caribbean holiday experience again and
again . .

Six individually styled properties, one high standard of elegance.

Copy for Elegant Hotels Group brochure.

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